Aqueous Ozone and Sustainability

Aqueous ozone systems appear to have many benefits. First and foremost, they are proving to be effective at cleaning surfaces and removing many types of soils and contaminants. Also as mentioned, some are viewed as a very green way to clean.

And as noted earlier, they are also referred to as “on site” cleaning systems. What this relates to is the fact that the cleaning professional can use the cleaning system where needed/when needed. No going back and forth to a janitorial closet looking for supplies. According to some estimates, this can take as much as 15 minutes, which can sorely impact worker productivity.

But here are less tangible benefits that actually may be the most significant advantages of this technology. When an aqueous ozone cleaning system is used, it means:

  • No non-renewable resources are used to make aqueous ozone
  • Manufacturers do not have to use energy and resources to make cleaning solutions
  • No packaging materials are necessary to box cleaning solutions and related products
  • No waste is generated
  • No fossil fuels are needed to deliver products from one area of the country to another
  • No greenhouse gasses are released.

As you can see, these systems promote sustainability in many ways. It is because of these factors, and the other benefits mentioned earlier that many leading corporate offices, including those in the high-tech sector, are experimenting or have adopted aqueous ozone to clean their facilities.

Is Aqueous Ozone Cleaning for You?

While there are systems that can be attached directly to a water supply, so that the aqueous ozone can be poured directly into a spray bottle, for a small office or property, the answer is likely no. The system will probably not pay for itself quickly enough to appreciate its many benefits.

However, if yours is a medium to large facility such as a school or multi-tenant office building, these systems are well worth considering. They can improve worker productivity, and they help eliminate – or at least significantly minimize – the need to purchase cleaning solutions. Both factors can contribute to improving the bottom-line. This also makes the return on the investment much faster.

At the very least, you now know there is a new, very green and very sustainable cleaning system available to consider.

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