Tempting as it is to save a couple bucks and handle snow removal yourself, there are quite a few reasons why you should hire a professional like Transblue to tackle your winter services. We’ve outlined many of these reasons in previous posts, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is likely worth even more.

Professional snow plow service prevents accidents, reducing the likelihood of property damage and injury. Here’s a few examples of what can happen if your winter service provider isn’t up to the challenge.

Snow Plow Hits Car on Highway

In this video clip, a snow plow driving down a highway spins out and collides with a car going in the opposite direction. Though not plowing snow at the time, the collision is a good reminder of how proper safety measures should be followed at all times. According to comments on the video, it’s likely that the plow hit a patch of ice and was unable to stop due to not having a load in the back. Snow plows are not immune to icy conditions just because they’re snow plows—accidents happen, and, with the increased power of vehicles like these, the damage can be substantial.

Improper Plow Use Leads to Park Damage

Sometimes the damage improper snow removal techniques can have isn’t clear until the snow is gone. In the case of this snow plow fail, we see the aftermath of not using the correct tool for the job. The nearby grass has deep cuts from the plow that will need to be filled and reseeded, and could even cause somebody to trip and fall. Using the appropriate snow removal equipment would have avoided most if not all of this damage.

The Aftermath of Aggressive Plowing

Unfortunately, a plow can do a lot of damage in the wrong hands. Many deicing techniques, including plowing, can cause damage to asphalt if overapplied, which can weaken the asphalt’s structure and cause damage like this when it’s scraped by a plow. Plows also have quite a bit of force behind them; if the blade isn’t angled correctly, a plow can simply destroy asphalt like this even without overapplication of de-icer.

Plow Operator Hits Dealership Cars

While it’s unclear from this video whether the truck driver slipped or simply wasn’t paying attention, the damage has been done. Plow operators need to be fully aware of their surroundings to ensure that they aren’t caught unawares by nearby cars or other items that could be damaged. Plowing should be a slow and steady process, not one that’s rushed.

A Homemade Snow Plow… Sort of Works

Compared to the other videos in this snow plow fail compilation, this one actually seems rather successful. That said, don’t try to plow anything like this. Best case scenario, you avoid property damage, personal injury, and getting stuck in the snow. Worst case scenario, you get hurt, someone else gets hurt, you destroy something, and the snow is still there. Play it safe and hire a pro.

Snow Plow Repeatedly Rams Car

In another example of why it’s important to use the right tool for the job, here we have what is likely a stranded front-loader (often used to move snow rather that directly plow it) being towed by another heavy-duty vehicle. The front-loader becomes stuck on a parked car and is repeatedly bashed into it, no doubt causing significant damage to the car. Though front-loaders can be very helpful in the snow removal process, they should not be the only tool at a winter services provider’s disposal, and with a proper assembly of snow-removal vehicles, this likely wouldn’t have happened.

How to Hire a Reliable Snow Plow Service

So how do you avoid this fate befalling your business? Start by hiring a reputable winter services provider. Consult reviews, take a good look at the provider’s contract, and ask about what services the provider offers and how they handle property damage. Knowing all this in advance lets you relax when the snow begins to fall because you can be certain that your winter services provider has the answers.

Transblue offers fast, reliable winter services nationwide. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your business in operation when the snow begins to fall.

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Melissa Brinks

Melissa Brinks is part of Transblue’s marketing team. She enjoys relaxing outside with her dog and an ice-cold can of Cran-Raspberry La Croix.