Snow plow business is booming during the winter, but how do you know if you should sign up for snow removal for your business?

Snow removal necessity differs from region to region. Whether this year hits you with a snowstorm or just a few flurries, you should know your options when it comes to snow removal at your business.

Should You Snow Plow Your Own Business?

Maintaining your own parking lot during a snowstorm might sound like a simple prospect. Maybe you have a snowblower or an ATV with a plow attachment, or maybe your parking lot just isn’t very big and it doesn’t seem like that big of a prospect. Or maybe you’re questioning whether you should plow at all—if your business isn’t particularly busy during the snow, you might feel that it isn’t necessary.

Why You Should Have a Snow Plan

First—you should definitely have a snow removal plan, no matter how much business you’re expecting during a storm. Not only are you potentially liable for damages if a customer slips and falls, but lost business from closures can have a huge impact on your yearly profits.

This applies if you live in a region where winter snowfall is heavy or in a place where you rarely see a single flake. As Seattle residents can attest, winter snowfall isn’t always predictable, and the results can be disastrous.

To Plow or Not to Plow?

The next question is whether you should plow your business yourself or hire somebody to do it for you.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you experienced in commercial snow removal?
  • Is your equipment powerful enough to remove large quantities of snow?
  • Do you have insurance to cover damage or other problems related to improper snow removal?
  • Are you confident in your ability to not only remove the snow, but also de-ice and otherwise protect your parking lot and sidewalks?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “no,” you should definitely hire a snow removal professional.

Amateur snow removal can do a lot of harm to a parking lot, such as introducing potholes or even destroying cable or gas lines. These problems can be even more expensive to fix than hiring a professional snow service.

Snow removal also comes with all kinds of hazards. More than 11,000 people per year are injured while shoveling snow, including everything from back pain and broken bones to heart attacks. Accidents are also possible, often caused by reduced visibility or inexperience operating a plow. 

Snow removal is best left to the professionals. If you have commercial snow removal experience, you may be prepared to handle your own parking lot and sidewalks, but if you’re new to snow removal, call a professional.

Professional Snow Removal is the Way to Go

Safety, professionalism, and accountability are three key reasons to choose professional snow removal over doing it yourself. A reputable snow removal service will have better equipment, proper insurance, and the necessary procedures to ensure that your business parking lot and sidewalks are clear and safe for customers.

The key to great snow removal service is to make arrangements early. If you wait until the snow is already falling to reach out to a snow removal company, you may end up with more expensive fees or, worse, no removal options at all.

Booking early also allows you to negotiate the specifics of your arrangement. Contracts with snow removal services may be set “per push” or seasonally—contacting a snow removal service may give you better options than waiting until the snow is already falling.

A “per push” contract refers to being charged every time you need snow plowed, with the cost typically coming from the amount of snow being removed. Seasonal contracts refer to longer-term agreements that snow will be removed every year for a fixed price.

What option you should use is dependent on your needs as a business—per-push can be great if you rarely see snow but may be troublesome if you get a lot of snow all at once. Seasonal contracts allow you to pay in advance and tend to be priced to balance out the difference between snowy years and milder years. But if snow isn’t much of a concern in your region, a seasonal contract may be overkill.

Booking your snow removal in advance gives you peace of mind and security, but there’s another benefit: it’s a legitimate business expense. Ensuring your business is open and safe for customers is an expense worth investing in. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late—book your snow removal service with Transblue today!