With a single point of contact for services, billing, multi-skilled people for a host of critical tasks, and the bundling of services together starts to drive efficiency and cost savings. When you take the steps of combining two services together – that’s when you will really start to see the benefits of effective consolidated facility services. TransBlue is one of the nation’s leading facility maintenance companies at providing facility maintenance services and deliver the best value, without compromising quality.
We have a single point of contact – our TransBlue manager – who is accountable for your account and facility maintenance services. Instead of needing separate landscape and snow removal managers, both services are in the safe hands of one responsible person. And we have multi-skilled people working seamlessly together as one team and caring about the same things as you do. This is developed to drive efficiency and cost savings. And it saves you time and effort so you could concentrate on what really matters – like thinking about strategy, and making sure your bundled facilities maintenance services were giving your people everything they needed to do their jobs productively.
It means an arrangement where non-core business activities and services are looked after by a company for whom these activities are their core business.
With business so extremely competitive, your success may well depend on your ability to stay focused on your customers and what you deliver to them. But maximizing cost efficiency and performance in your non-core areas can also have a big impact on profitability.
Look for a company that can bring expertise and cost effectiveness through sharing best practice and using buying power and scale.  Look for one that can provide the right level of management control, report back clearly on performance and results, and make strategic recommendations. Look for a proven track record in these areas.
Set out the key improvements that you want to achieve, and put some numbers on the financial and operational benefits that they might bring. Then ask TransBlue to put together a business case which will include case studies for each service and a detailed projection of ROI.
Don’t rule anything out. If it’s not core to what you do as a business, ask TransBlue if they can look after it. If it’s really specialized or to meet a short term need TransBlue can appoint and manage a specialist.
It all depends on what you need, of course. We suggest that you put the most emphasis on choosing a company that is strong on people related services, with a can-do attitude and a proven safety record and culture.
A company that specializes in providing one type of service.
A company that bundles two or more related services together.
This will only happen if they work closely with your management teams’ right from the outset to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization, your direction and your ambitions. TransBlue does – but don’t assume that everyone will.
Teamwork, trust, open dialogue and transparency are all essential. Then it’s about a real focus on key deliverables and measurable – with robust processes and procedures, but with flexibility around services requirements.
Look for innovation, stakeholder engagement, continuous improvement

Transblue = Quality Driven

At Transblue Facility Management, you come first. Whether it’s on the local, regional, or national level, we focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. We want you to leave with a smile on your face that says, “job well done.” Our commitment is to our customers, and our passion and dedication, always results in quality work.

The Cornerstone of Our Work

We want you to remember Transblue Facility Management. We want you to walk away satisfied. To us, word of mouth is important, and a positive review is entirely based on your experience with us. We can promise that we will stay true to our values so that you will be eager to work with us again.

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