Keeping costs down for business owners is normally at the top of their desires. By knowing what you are spending and how to cut costs we can help you cut your costs. Auditing and understanding the details of your current spending you can determine where you will be able to cut costs. We’ve created a list of items you may want to consider to keep costs down for your business.

Automated Thermostats

Depending on the age of your building this may be a real investment that may take some time to pay off but trust us – you will be happy you installed this system! This will control the heating and cooling of the building. There may be options to even cover and lock the control box so only a select group of people have access to it.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Office Equipment

Upgrading your appliances and toilets with water saving technology will save you money in the long run. These models use lower amount of water, energy and gas to operate. By combining appliance upgrades throughout your facility, it will have a large impact on your bottom line. You may want to check for any rebates or tax credits you receive when you buy these appliances. Those bonuses are always something to look for! While it may not be an actual appliance, we would also include upgrading windows and light bulbs in this category. If your facility has single pane windows you may be unaware of how much money is actually floating outside. Triple pane windows are becoming more common for builders to install. Light bulbs are often times something you can change and update yourself without having to hire an out-side service – and can make a huge impact!


Computer programs that allow you to schedule, track, or record may save you money! By keeping employees accountable for their time and efforts seems to increase productivity! Having a program in place to allow employees to clock in and out may create a much easier and faster payroll for your company. There are many programs out there that also sync easily with Quickbooks. If you are a company with a fleet of vehicles you may want to look into vehicle trackers and gas/mileage trackers. This can help track where your crews are. This may help to provide your customers details of when you were on site at their property to provide a service.


With so many large successful companies all over the world there is plenty of room for improvement. Energy Star is a leading company in energy research and development and has provided decades of research and statistics worldwide. They state, “By taking a ‘whole system’ approach and looking at the computer, its use, and components, these new specs will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions equal to about 7 million cars”.  With numbers that impressive offices all over the world can have a real impact.

Of course, training new employee is a very expensive part of the process. With operation manuals in place this can greatly reduce time spent training new employees. Providing a training manual can help quickly answer questions the new employee may have faster than sending a co-worker an e-mail. Streamlining the training program is one of the first things the operations team can do to save money for the business.

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