Facility Services

Facility Services are not always about reoccurring maintenance.  Sometimes it is a one-time service or on-demand emergency.

Transblue is an expert at providing solution to all of your needs, helping your business to stand out and build a customer loyalty to your brand.

Transblue is dedicated to satisfy any needs of our customers and provide best service for any needs that they might have.

Just think how much money and time you can save by choosing a partner, who will find all needed vendors for you, who will monitor their performance and send you only one bill a month for everything? Would it make your life easier? Our goal at Transblue is to satisfy our client and provide them with great customer service.

Your AC or heater broke down? Maybe you need to fix or install new lighting, or something is leaking in your restroom? Don’t be upset and got let your customers to be upset – contact Transblue. Our handymen can fix anything and let you do your business without interruptions.

Types of services we provide:

HVAC Services
Lighting & Electrical