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Transblue offers an industry leading approach to optimizing your profits. We can help you manage your multi facility organization by analyzing your current circumstances and providing you with our expertise to expand and improve on what works with.

Our consulting program starts by understanding and dissecting what you currently have. We will help your management team understand where current money is being spent and uncover any unnecessary expenses you could possibly exclude. Our professionals will provide opinions with statistics and information for you to make the bottom line decision for your company.

Second, we will analyze your inventory, computer systems, and employee skill set. If inventory is out of date or hasn’t been recorded we will update this information for you. We will provide you with a breakdown of your assets including office equipment, vehicles, company products and more and also create a line item of each category, so you have a clear and complete list of assets and items you have already bought. We will help determine if your computer systems are enough for your business. Also, we will look at skill set of your employees and help determine if you have a well-balanced team.

Next, we will look at the supply chain. We’ll look at and answers “who?”, “what?”, “where?”, “when?” and “why?” of each vendor you already have a contract with. Does it make sense to pay for cross country shipping of a product that may be much closer to your business? This is a meticulous step, but it is critical and cannot be missed. We understand that vendor talent needs to be top notch. We can help broaden and improve the quality of your supplier base and help with outreach, new supplier qualities and collect financial data to provide you the most up to date vendor list available.

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Our team is happy to help with any new contract negotiations or re-negotiations that need to be made with current vendors. These are complex decision that you need to make as a business owner, but we strive to bring clarity lower the overall risk to you.

Our goal is to help you maximize your internal resources to produce revenue and streamline efficiencies in your facility  operations. Our clients save an average between 13%-18% on their annual spend when combining efforts with our consulting program. Please, reach out and see how we can help your company today!

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