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Capital Expenditure

is our expertise. The combination of technical and administrative actions to ensure the items and elements of a building, to exceed standards and perform its required function. Isn’t that a mouthful!!!

Construction and Capital expenditure go hand in hand. Capital expenditure are funds used by a company to acquire, upgrade, and maintain physical assets such as property, industrial buildings, or equipment. They can include everything from repairing a roof of a building, to purchasing a piece of equipment, or even building a brand-new factory.

Capital Projects – Resources

  • Over 41 project managers geographically positioned across the country
  • More than 375 Program Managers
  • Subject Matter Experts for each core service we deliver

Capital Projects – Implementation

  • Partnering from whiteboard to final invoice
  • Multi-tiered validation processes including core coaching of our local crews to deliver the best results
  • Clearly defined project pricing to reduce change orders only to actual scope revisions

We take care of the CapEx of your building so your business can function and look at its fullest. As a business owner our goals for our buildings are the same: to extend the useful life, safety, and beauty of the building and grounds. This could result in a few different situations where we can provide our services, either individually or by bundling them. By bundling these services, we can exponentially increase your savings. Some of the services that you might look at are:

Re-roofing: roof cannot last forever. At some point is will start leaking or develop other kinds of issues. No building can function without a roof, so it is important to maintain your roof in a good condition and re-roof with a high quality products.

Refreshing: you want your brand to stand out, so every building needs some refreshing time to time: new signs, new wall-paint and we can help with that! Don't lose customers, make your establishment shine.

Painting – full scale refreshes to targeted sales floor updates, projects can include both interior and exterior

commercial painting

Rebuilding: every successful business grows, and sometimes you need to expand your location or make other changes to your current building. It is important to do it in a timely manner with help of real professionals. We can make this process easy and painful for you.

Pool Renovation: for the hotels and inns it is very important to have an appealing swimming pool area, where their customers can relax or have fun. Make your customer happier with our services. All permits and the job is on us, so it will be stress free for you!

Handyman – from a shelving teardown in 3,000 stores to directional signing installation for a 50 sites market over one weekend

Lighting – partnering on a full LED replacement to an energy saving initiative to upgrade your T 12’s to T 8’s

Plumbing – installing ADA approved fixtures in your public restrooms to full scale bathroom refreshes

Electrical – re-wires, upgrades, and panel adjustments

Drainage Systems – rebuilding, realigning, installing new in ground drainage and sewer systems

Remodels – remodeling for TI requests, or rebranding is our specialty. From siding to signage, we are your remodel and construction experts!

Concrete – flat work experts, parking lots, pool decks, crack sealing, sidewalks, dolly pads and everything else you can imagine.

Value Driven Additions: updating and upgrading current areas of your building and property. Some examples are replacing windows and doors with more energy efficient models, painting the exterior of your home, repaving and striping your business parking lot, redesigning your landscape and lawn, installing hardscape and more.  Most times this will be considered a capital expenditure.

  • Value driven Additions will add the most increased value - but each category has the potential to add some value and individuality to your property. By having us help and guide you in your capital expenditures we can make sure your money is being spent in the right places.

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